Partnerships with institutions for regional development

The Program has as one of its perspectives a closer relationship between the Scientific and Technological Research Institutions (ICT) and the business sector, with a view to elaborating Research, Development and Innovation (R & D & I) projects, in order to stimulate the generation of Bioproducts and Biobusiness. In this sense, a series of workshops were held between 2014 and 2015, in Manaus / AM, bringing together the ICTs and different companies. The events had lectures, discussion panels, presentation of works of graduate students, among others. On this interaction, it is also worth noting that BIONORTE has as a goal the formation of databases that concentrate the information of the researches developed on the biodiversity and the bioproducts of Amazónian origin, in order to subsidize the companies promoting the productive chain of the bioindustry. In addition to stimulating the development of projects that, in addition to guaranteeing the conservation of ecosystems, can generate jobs and income and improve the quality of life of Amazónians.