Social and economic development of the Amazon region

In general terms, the BIONORTE Network is recognized as an important collaborator in the social and economic development of the Amazon region, receiving State and Federal Secretaries of Science, Technology and Innovation Secretaries and Research Support Foundations. In Amazonas, for example, the Amazonas Research Foundation (FAPEAM) has launched the Science and Technology Management Program (PGCT), which seeks to develop management and innovation activities to stimulate the sustainable use of Biodiversity in the state. The PGCT also contributed to the implementation of the BIONORTE Network and Graduate Program in Amazonas and the formation of a database related to the sustainable use of biodiversity in the region, to be used mainly in the elaboration of actions that encourage the growth of the bio-industry . Another example of the importance achieved by the Network is the creation, in the state of Tocantins, of the first PhD course with headquarters in Palmas. This being linked to the BIONORTE Network through the Federal University of Tocantins (UFT). This has attracted the attention of the local academic community and also of the Tocantins' society, since the course presents a strong multidisciplinary characteristic and gives the possibility of entry for professionals of the most diverse.