Concentration Area: Biodiversity and conservation


Research Line:

Knowledge of the Biodiversity

Inventory of the flora, fauna and microbiota of the Brazilian Amazon; Taxonomy, collections, geographic distribution, ecological niches; Ethnobiology, Knowledge of flora, fauna and microbiota; Collections duly cataloged, computerized and preserved; Traditional knowledge rescued and valued


Research Line:

Conservation and sustainable use of the Biodiversity

Maintenance and characterization of germplasm banks; Domestication of species; Genetical enhancement; Management of populations; Systems of cultivation, Banks of germplasm with genetic diversity; Known population dynamics; Processes of cultivation and rational production of native species and, or, acclimated established; Greater availability and diversity of species of economic value;


Concentration Area: Biotechnology


Research Line:

Bioprospection and development of Bioprocesses and Bioproducts.

Production of extracts and essential oils; Development of bioassays; Identification and characterization of active principles; Bioinformatics; Development of bioproducts and bioprocesses; Scheduling of processes; Innovation management. Greater availability and diversity of bioproducts of economic value; Strengthening of the bio-industry through cooperation with teaching and research institutions; Consolidation of regional development based on the use of biodiversity; Human improvement and job creation and income in the area of biotechnology.